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Home Economists Newsletter - Lisa Hammer's Presentation

South Dakota Home Economics Association Newsletter Volume 5, December 1958, Number 1

The Huron Branch of Home Economists in Homemaking have chosen as their yearly program foods and customs of foreign countries.  By doing this they plan to have guest speakers who have either visited or lived in another country. 

Mrs. Adolph Hammer, a native of Norway spoke at the October meeting.  Wearing a Norwegian dress which is only worn on special occasions, she told of Norwegian customs, displayed table linen and explained table setting for different occasions.

Thursday afternoon during SDEA the Huron Economists in Homemaking entertained at tea the Homemaking teachers in the Huron Homemaking department.  Miss Imogene Van Overschelde, Pierre and Mrs. Ross Davies, Huron, were at the silver services.

In connection with Huron College Career Day, the Huron Home Economists also take an active part.  For the past three years the group has had Mrs. Cleo Treadwell as their representative.  Seniors from Huron high school and towns in the surrounding territoy [sic] are invited to meet various representatives of professions and colleges in the state.

The group is continuing a project begun several years ago.  This is to help furnish materials for the
interest centers in the Homemaking Department of Huron High School. Officers this year are president: Muriel Simmons (Mrs. Irvin) and secretary, Jessie Chaffee (Mrs. George).

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