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Canoe Derby, 1960 or 1961

Arm-weary but full of life, Huron Explorer Scouts Ward Nickish (right) and Stan Landon slide their canoe ashore before a throng of some 400 gathered just above the James River Dam here Saturday afternoon, the come-from-behind winners of the Pheasant Scout Council's ninth annual canoe derby.” [Huron Daily Plainsman]

Nickish and Landon took first place in both 1961 and 1962, and the team of Landon and Chad McAllister took second place in 1963.

The annual canoe race ensued from Fisher Grove, east of Redfield, along the James River to Huron, some 96 miles. Rowers would stop for a meal break and have their times recorded, then continue through the afternoon, camping overnight and continuing the next day. The winning time was 11 hours, 47 minutes and 10 seconds.

After receiving their congratulations, the winning pair fulfilled a vow by giving their Explorer Post Six advisor, Elwood Harms, a dunk in the river for saying they wouldn't win.

Nickish and Landon were sponsored by the Huron Moose lodge, who also served food and refreshments at the finish line.


Huron Daily Plainsman, Aug. 20, 1961, p. 6
Stan Landon
Photos courtesy of Walt Hammer