Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Overseas Club

 From the Huron (South Dakota) Daily Plainsman, unknown date

Overseas Club Anniversary: Members of the Huron Overseas Club are shown at their 15th anniversary meeting at the home of Mrs. James Kaiser who made the anniversary cake held by Mrs. Orval Collins.  Front row left: Mrs. Gustave Guthmiller, Huron; Mrs. Carlisle Peterson, Huron; Mrs. Collins, Huron; Mrs. Clifford Voss, Huron; Mrs. Ralph Schniedewind, Ree Heights; middle row left, Mrs. Duane Picklapp, Huron; Mrs. Desmond Van Zee, Rockham; Mrs. Keith McMillan, Huron; Mrs. Vern Baker, Huron; Mrs. George Streifel, Huron; Mrs. Gilbert Hofer, Huron; back row left, Miss Gabriella Rose, Redfield; Mrs. Adolph Hammer, Sr., Huron; Mrs. Kaiser, Huron; Mrs. Henry Peters, Huron; Mrs. Chester Liedtke, Wessington; Mrs. Harold Steichen, Woonsocket; Mrs. Edwin Forst, Alpena; Mrs. Albert Rose, Redfield.

The Huron Overseas Club enjoyed its 15th anniversary meeting Feb. 10 at the home of Mrs. James A. Kaiser, 429 Idaho Ave. S.E.  Mrs. Albert Rose, Redfield, won the hostess gift among the 20 members present.

Mrs. Kaiser baked and decorated the anniversary cake for the occasion.

Officers elected for the new year are: Mrs. Ralph Schniedewind, Ree Heights, president; Mrs. Clifford Voss, Huron, vice president; and Mrs. Orval Colllins, Huron, secretary-treasurer.  A vote of thanks was extended Mrs. Gustave Guthmiller and Mrs. Carlisle Peterson, outgoing officers.

The next meeting will be March 9 at The Inn with Mrs. Adolph Hammer, Sr., and Mrs. George Streifel as co-hostesses.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

The 47th Anniversary of Will and Elvirta Knutz

 An excerpt from the journal of Elvirta Graves Knutz (mother of Bill Knutz)

1957, March 30, Saturday

47 years ago today we were married and such a day as it was; it rained, hailed, wind blew hard and it blizzarded all before noon but that did not stop me; Delbert took me to the depot and waited with me till the train came; I had to go to Huron (from Esmond) to meet Will. Henry Thompson and his girl Stella were there to be married at the same time we were; we were witnesses for each other. We ate our dinner in a hotel which is now torn down and there is a gas station and truck parking lot there now. After dinner we were married and did some shopping and drove home; we used horse and buggy those days, had to drive about 7 miles; got home I got my first meal for us; which was (as I remember) bacon and eggs and potatoes. To night 47 years later 3 of our children and their children had very delicious supper at Dorothy’s; they each brought some portion of the meal. Dorothy roasted a turkey and chicken with dressing; Mabel scalloped some potatoes; Lillian brought corn and peas; there were cakes besides Dorothy baked a 4-tiered angel food, had swans to hold each layer and frosted it so pretty; Mabel helped her with it; Lulu brought a delicious jell-o fruit salad. Everett was there too. He gave us a very pretty card with a dollar bill inside. Later in the evening we had cake and coffee; oh I was so full. Bill took our pictures (dad and I) cutting the cake and of me feeding him a bit.