Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Old Cookbook

30 years ago, as a new bride, I got this Betty Crocker cookbook from my dear Aunt Mabel. It was my first cookbook, and I consulted it frequently over the years, always thinking of her when I used it.  It was not only myself using it, but my children and grandchildren learned to cook with this book open on the countertop.  It is missing the front cover, pages are warped from being wet, and the pages with the best recipes have little bits of this and that stuck to the paper.  Here and there, pages are torn from over-anxious children wanting to see what goodies were on the next page. 
Someday, when I’ve gone on to a better place, someone will be going through my belongings here on this earth.  They’ll find this old cookbook and wonder why I still have it.  “Was she unable to afford a new one?” they might ask.  But little will they know, it’s this one that’s priceless.


  1. Karen, I think you should write about this cookbook on one of the front pages so everyone who sees it will know why it's so special. I think most women treasure their foremothers' cookbooks -- if they have/can find them and especially if they know the provenance of the cookbook. (I have several ones that have been with me for years and they look very similar to yours -- as far as spotches and spills.)