Friday, February 18, 2011

Forebear Friday – Abel Parlin Adams

abeladams‘ Abel Adams and his wife, Eliza Hudson
Abel Parlin Adams was the son of Abial and Irena (Gray) Adams, born in Vermont.  He left his home in Orleans county, and headed for Massachusetts, there marrying Eliza Hudson, a native of Canada, in 1853 in Lowell, Middlesex county. 
Two daughters, Nettie and Jennie, were born about 1857, and in 1859.  During these years, Abel worked as a pattern maker, first in Lowell, and later in Fitchburg (Worcester county).  He served during the Civil War, spending 4 months and 8 days in Company A, 7th Regiment of the Massachusetts Light Artillery.
He and his family settled in Springfield, Massachusetts, between 1870 and 1880, and after his wife died in 1901, he moved in with his youngest daughter Jennie and her husband, Charles Martensen.  There he lived for the next twenty years.
There is a death certificate for Abel in his hometown of Newport, Vermont; I have no doubt that this is his death.  However, it states his “usual residence” is in Newport, which is somewhat confusing.  He died August 4, 1920, in Newport.  But in January of 1920, when the census was taken, he was still living with his daughter Jennie in Springfield, at the age of 87 years.  Did he moved back to Newport?  If so, why?  And with whom did he live?  His oldest daughter was in Chicago, so it wasn’t her.  Was he visiting there when he died?  Was the “usual residence” an error on the part of the city clerk?
Abel was buried with his wife in Oak Grove cemetery in Springfield.


  1. Maybe he (and his family) considered Newport as his real home, and living with his daughter as visiting. My in-laws have lived here (in their own apartment) for almost two years but when they talk of home, it's the town where they lived for 50 years.

  2. That could be, Marti - hadn't thought of that!

  3. Hello Karen
    After seeing your question above attached to an Ancestry FT, I traced the source back to you here on your blog. The answer to the question you pose above re the death of Abel P. Adams and his residence at the time is contained in a newspaper story on his death.

    “Abel P. Adams of 376 Union Street (Springfield, MA) died suddenly Wednesday at the home of his nephew, Dr. George F. Adams of Newport, Vt.”

    Although still living in Springfield, Abel Adams was visiting nephew George when he apparently suffered a fatal heart attack.

    I have attached the full article to Martin Adams on my Ancestry FT where you can get a copy. >>here

    ---Springfield Republican, August 12, 1920; page 12.

    This is a repeat of an article which first appeared in the same paper on August 6.

    Otherwise identical in wording, that version had the following as its final sentence, “The funeral will be held at the Dickinson-Streeter parlors at 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Burial will be at Oak Grove cemetery.”

    The death record of Abel Adams from Vermont Death Records, 1909-2008 which you refer to in your note above records the attending physician at the death of Abel Adams as his nephew, Dr. George Adams.

    I see you have a photo of Dr. George F. Adams.

  4. Thanks, David! Did you find my website with the photo of Dr. George Adams?