Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank you, Thank you

I'd like to thank Yaya, of Yaya's Changing World for the lovely Happy 101 Award.  I like it very much, but it's making me hungry.  :)

With this award goes the responsibility of naming 10 things that make me happy.  Shouldn't be too hard - the hard part will be stopping at 10!  Here we go, not in any particular order:

1) Getting a few minutes' peace and quiet to post to my blogs.

2) Watching my energetic little Tori so happy she breaks out in dance while she sings "Oh yeah!!"

3) Getting a genealogy goodie in the mail.

4) Working on my websites and getting HappyGrams from people who have found useful stuff.

5) Seeing my little Alyssa's face light up with a big fat smile when she sees her Grammy.

6) Getting a few minutes' peace and quiet to huddle up with my Bible and ponder what it has to offer.

7) Hitting the snooze alarm as many times as I want.

8) Watching my sweet Sierra with tears in her eyes at her gr-gr-gr-grandparents' graves, and seeing the love she has for people she never knew, but feels so much a part of.

9) Reading fun, insightful, newsy and touching blog posts, and getting to know new friends.

10) Seeing my husband's eyes sparkle when he laughs.

There you go. Now, I'm going to pass it on to 10 (again, hard to stop at just 10!) of my favorite bloggers, who haven't already received it:

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  1. I was enjoying reading the things that make you happy. Imagine my surprise when I saw my name listed at the end. Thank you so much.

    Since Saturday is starting game time on my blog and Sunday will have the answers, I will pass my prize on when I post on Monday.

    Again, I surely thank you.

    Word Designer

  2. Thanks Karen, I don't have the icon up yet, but, I did post and awarded 10 more bloggers the award.

    You MADE my day, lemonade to you, LOL

    Go read the post!!

  3. That is a fabulous list; I think a couple of points on my list will be similar to yours. Thank you for thinking of me!

  4. Karen, thanks again so much for the kind award, It is so great when my peers recognize me with their kind nominations. I really appreciate it!