Sunday, October 9, 2011

Voorhees Hall–There and Gone


I’m not sure of the exact date on the above postcard of Huron College (Huron, South Dakota), but would guess it to be ~1910.  I grew up looking at this wonderful old building, Voorhees Hall, and during a few times in my childhood, had occasion to enter this grand structure, always captivated by the beautiful architecture.  Eventually, I went to school there myself.  Within those old walls you could almost feel the history, and going up to the huge lecture room on the third floor you could feel the presence of one hundred years’ worth of scholars, filling their minds with worldly knowledge.

So this was a particularly sad time for me when a friend sent the photo below.  Voorhees Hall is no more – razed to make way for a swimming pool.  

It’s going to take a very long time before seeing this sight doesn’t hurt…

Photo courtesy of Michael Bonnes


  1. Isn't it sad to see our childhood places of the heart disappear! I have some of those and had not thought of them for awhile. Guess we are lucky to have the memories and a few photos to hold dear. I have some of our depot that your post makes me think of--I may have to get busy and share those!

  2. BTW...I have not forgotten to check the mag, just have not had a work day at the museum lately but I will get to it!

  3. The same thing happened to my Grandmother's house on Richard and Ring Streets. The building was over a 100 years old. I know it was structurally sound as my father was a builder. It sold in the 1980's and shortly after the sale was torn down. To this day it still is a vacant lot.