Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween, 1958



  1. There ARE no words...except maybe "Nice butt, Aunt Everett".

  2. It is interesting to see these pictures. Costumes were so much more creative in the past. I have a picture of my Aunt Liz from the 1920's dressed in men's clothing. I often thought this was a Halloween costume, but my grandmother wrote "summer of 19.." on the back. I am sure every family has mysteries that will just have to go 'unsolved'.

  3. We have numerous pictures of kids getting dressed up in various costumes - girls dressing up as men in the early 1900s must have been a common pastime! Even as "recently" as when I was a kid, Grandma had a couple boxes of interesting clothing for playing dress-up - an old prom gown, fur stoles with fake animal heads on one end (who could forget those??), old boots, purses...