Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finally–The Burial Site of Roland Sisson

We spent much of last summer trying to find the burial site of Roland and Elizabeth Wright Sisson, so it was especially gratifying to find ourselves standing at their graves this evening.  Trying to find the abandoned “Duxx” Cemetery (as it was erroneously listed in an online database) was my first hurdle (it’s actually “Duff” Cemetery), USGS had it mapped to the east side of Forestville State Park – an area of winding dirt roads for the most part, with many dead-ends, like a maze.  We located the alleged site of the cemetery, only to find plowed field on one side of the road, and thick forest on the other side. has a database of Civil War veteran headstones, and Roland was listed.  However, the cemetery he was supposedly buried in was “Spring Grove Cemetery” at Spring Grove, Minnesota, in the same county as Duff Cemetery.  However, to my knowledge, there is no “Spring Grove Cemetery,” although there are cemeteries very nearby.  We canvassed them last summer, to no avail.  With no additional leads, we gave up.
Over the winter, I noticed Duff Cemetery listed on Find-A-Grave, complete with a map, and an overview picture of the cemetery!  What a long, long winter it was!  Tonight, we took a drive to Fillmore county, and easily found the cemetery, which is about 3-4 miles SE of Spring Grove.  What a welcome sight.

The cemetery was very nicely kept, as is evident by the photo, with a handful of burials.  It didn’t take long to find what we’d been looking for:
IMG_8101               IMG_8104

1               2
Roland and Elizabeth were both natives of New York, perhaps coming to Minnesota by way of Iowa.  Roland served in the Civil War for nearly three years.  They were the parents of ten children.


  1. CONGRATS!!! Nice stones, nice story, tenacity. Well done!

  2. Sometimes the hardest fought battles are the most valued:) So glad you found them and in such good shape!